Disaster Bingo: Flatline Edition

Disaster Bingo: Flatline Edition

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2020 has been the white elephant party where you discover 1) this definitely isn't as fun as you expected; and 2) you really don't want ANY of the gifts but have to keep unwrapping them and take one anyway.  


Disaster Bingo: Flatline Edition© celebrates the "WTAF" mood that comes with opening your news feed each morning to discover the disaster du'jour. In DB:FE, we here at WTAF Games™ encourage you to let loose with a hearty "WTAF!"...but only after you've endured 5 disasters in a row. We've got to have standards.


So grab your copy and some friends, and get ready to create your own dumpster fire assortment of events!


    Each box contains:

    10 bingo cards

    A rule card

    Disaster coverage tokens

    Token bags

    24 call cards with brief descriptions of each disaster

    A draw bag

    The outer bag of DB:FE is printed responsibly using soy ink, and WTAF Games™ will donate a portion of the proceeds from the sale of each game copy to charity.


    We're a scrappy startup with a small staff of real people - so if you have any problems with your game, you get to talk to us personally! Email wtafgames@gmail.com to resolve any issues. But, be nice, we're sensitive creative types...


    Each game is lovingly packaged and mailed by a WTAF Games™ creator. That'll be worth some money some day - we're sure of it. 

    Oh, and shipping is included. How's that for value?